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Because with the maturity that comes with age and best intentions for their children, parents will be the best to decide on certain aspects of desired career paths. Be it from the most important factor of recognition and quality of the degree, logistical considerations or even budgetary constraints parents are the decision makers of such areas.

For busy parents of the fast moving world Future Minds 2017 will be the ideal platform to do a well rounded analysis of what is on offer in the market and make critical decisions on the future of their children in the shortest possible time.

The lifetime investment of students as well as their parents deserves great scrutiny and Future Minds 2017 is the place to be for a microscopic look at the various available options.

The family.. the decision maker

The recently adopted approach to draw the whole family to visit Future Minds has shown promise. As anticipated the participation of students along with the member of the family that makes the final decision on the choice of higher education had made visits to the exhibition very much effective. Not only does an adult bring in the decision making power but it also promotes the careful absorption of what is on offer and what might be the better suited higher education programme for their child. This has created a good number of on the spot decisions by families to commit to a higher education program making the visit to Future Minds a truly productive one. In view of this, Future Minds promotional campaigns and publicity will lean towards attracting family units to the expo to enhance benefits for all concerned.


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